Sunday, January 2, 2011

Advent 4 – A Time of Transition

As we prepared our hearts in love to say hello to Jesus, it was time for me to say goodbye to St. John’s in Lunenburg.

Transition and change are about endings and beginnings. When something ends, whether it be an event, an era or a phase in our life, something else presents itself to take its place, or its space. The change may be seen by all to be progress, a moving forward, yet there is still a sense of leaving something behind. To move on fully, one must feel complete and at ease about the ending.

Advent 4 was my completion as I said good bye and thank you to both the congregations at St. John’s. I was able to express my gratitude for their support as they raised me up and commended me to the discernment process. In my final words I shared that St. John’s was the first parish where I felt truly befriended and helped to feel at home as an integral part of the congregation and parish life. Reflecting on this afterwards I thought of all the other places that had welcomed me, especially the parish where my son Martin was Baptised, and I realised that one of the key differences at St. John’s was that I was ready and willing to be welcomed!

So thank you Michael, the wardens and all the parish of St. John’s for being there for me when I was ready be brought fully into the body of Christ. Thank you for all the Baptisms that I attended with you and was able to renew by Baptismal vows.

God Bless. Helen

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